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How to protect personal access for every employee?

ATKey.Card is a personal badge-card with the fingerprint scanner, built-in mechanism for having access PC and Server, and BLE and NFC functions. Card’s configuration requires biometrical data of the person who will use it, so nobody else will be able to use the device.


HID + BLE + NFC USB device without mandatory drivers
-The key fits all versions of Windows, Mac, or Chromebook
-Up to 8 fingerprints, scanning time < 1 sec., FAR <1/50,000, frr < 2 % -fido2 certificate

ATKey.Card matches the IT security trends. It was designed multifunctional and practical to become an unreplaceable device in the company of any size. It has as MFA(multi-factor authentication), so passwordless authentication via FIDO2, OTP.