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Secure Crowds as an Exclusive distributor
of multi-factor authentication tokens
Authentrend in Ukraine suggests maximal
and unlimited security of logins from any
accounts, where FIDO/FIDO2 protocol is used.

Our Company Suggests Four Token Models




ATKey.Hello Type-C

Security is not only a guarantee of storing
information and protecting it from
unauthorized access to the data warehouse,
but also protecting your reputation on social
networks, whether it be a personal profile or a
company page or an important person.

Our methods

Negative reviews significantly affect the company’s income; according to
statistics, after reading a negative review, 60% of potential customers prefer
to cooperate with competitors’ companies.
What can you do to prevent the loss of customers, if SERM is a long and
expensive service, deleting comments can lead to even more negative,
and cheating positive reviews does not give the desired results?


Optimization of personal reputation

Removing information