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Cloud Security

Are you confident in the security of cloud services?
  • Protecting data and applications.
  • Ensuring the security of infrastructure services.
  • Finding cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
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What are cloud services

Cloud services are programs, platforms, and applications that are located on the servers of cloud providers. The information contained on them is available to users from anywhere in the world. And all that is needed for access is credentials. And in case of loss or breakdown of a personal device, the information located on the cloud server will not disappear anywhere.

Cloud operators provide dozens of models of cloud services for businesses, including: rental of computing resources and virtual infrastructure, virtual platforms with full-fledged tools and services, software running on the Internet.

Therefore, for many companies, the use of cloud services is not just a trend, but a necessity. They provide traffic bandwidth, storage of databases, documents, access to corporate information from anywhere in the world, and much more. And all this without the need to install expensive equipment in offices.

What is cloud security

Cloud resource security or cloud security is the protection of cloud data, infrastructure, and applications from cyber threats. Of course, the service provider assumes part of the responsibility for security. However, business owners and related professionals need to know how to properly work with cloud services, properly configure and maintain them. Sometimes additional resources are required to protect data on cloud services. For example, there are tools that can help prevent DDoS attacks.

What can we offer

Cloud security audit

Service security settings

Automatic threat detection

Identity management

Securing Credentials

Means of protection against DDoS attacks

Information stored on external virtual servers attracts constantly watching technologies and improving their skills to cybercriminals. The lack of reliable data protection leads to serious consequences that can cost a company dearly.

What are we doing

  • Scanning cloud services using software.
  • We identify incorrect storage configurations.
  • We identify weak points for possible attacks.
  • Furthermore, we analyze the technical components of the infrastructure.
  • We study the data of the company and employees in open sources.
  • We carry out penetration testing taking into account the received data.
  • Likewise, we evaluate the resources of accounts, find unused resources in them.
  • We check the IAM policy — the roles of users and administrators.
  • We do penetration testing using accounts in different roles.

How we are working

Stage 1
  • We receive a request for a consultation.
  • Our manager clarifies the request and gives a preliminary assessment.
Stage 2
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • We conclude a cooperation agreement, taking into account possible restrictions.
Stage 3
  • We assemble a working group of narrow specialists.
  • We carry out the agreed scope of tasks.
Stage 4
  • We prepare visual and HTML reports on the events carried out.
  • We provide guidance on addressing potential threats, ensuring cloud security, and designing a secure infrastructure.

Cost of services and terms

We understand the importance of protecting the company, therefore, after signing the contract, we immediately start working and provide the finished result as quickly as possible, as technically possible.

We determine the cost of services and inform you of it after agreeing on the scope of tasks.

For reference: in 2020, hackers caused damage to a trillion dollars. Below are some more numbers.


Of companies suffered as a result of data leaks and cyberattacks due to incorrect access settings.


Companies discovered facts of unauthorized access.


Compromised interfaces and APIs indicated integration difficulties due to interfaces.

Want to secure your IT infrastructure in the cloud?

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