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How Secure Crowds protects personal data and reputation
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How does Secure Crowds team protect

Confidential company data may be of interest to unscrupulous competitors and hackers. If they gain access to confidential information, your business may suffer. Competitors can be the first to use the company’s experience and technology, and hackers — to transfer confidential customer data to third parties, and use them for personal gain. To prevent this, entrust the protection of your company to professionals!

1. Find weaknesses

In the first stage, we study the client operating system’s networks, devices, and applications. Next, create a network map and identify vulnerabilities. The analysis of web applications is carried out comprehensively: both manually and with the help of automated utilities.


2. Neutralize vulnerabilities

Next, we move on to the neutralization stage of the detected vulnerabilities. The methods and tools in each case will depend on the specific situation. We use both public utilities and our own developments.


3. Check the stability

After that, we check the network’s resistance to attacks at the channel level, analyze traffic, check the stability of routing, study all possible ways for intruders to gain unauthorized access to private information.


4. Compile a report

The information obtained from the vulnerabilities is documented and analyzed for the network security checklist. The more we work with clients, the more we know about vulnerabilities. We have 10 years of experience in security, so hackers have almost no chance to bypass our protection.


5. Send it to you

After performing all stages of the analysis, the customer receives a report describing all the work done, assessing the level of safety by our specialists, a list of identified deficiencies, and a list of methods to eliminate them..


6. Check the company’s reputation

The Security Crowds team performs the most complex tasks of monitoring the reputation and spreading a positive image for both individuals and legal entities worldwide and in certain regions.


7. Eliminate the negative

Secure Crowds specializes in attracting audiences on social media and eliminating negative information left by Internet users. If your company’s reputation has been damaged due to a hacker attack, we will help restore it.


8. We work within the law

Our company works exclusively within the law and never uses illegal cheating methods using bots or buying fake users. We work only legally, using the accumulated knowledge and experience.


9. We provide a complete report

To organize a network of any size, our team of ethical hackers is ready to offer a complete assessment of internal and external security and provide a detailed report with recommendations for removing all vulnerabilities and protection from hacking.


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