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Security Auditing

Are your information resources securely protected?
  • Comprehensive audit of the security system.
  • System security analysis.
  • Audit for compliance with standards.
  • Security of business applications.
  • Incident investigation and more.
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What is a security audit

Information security audit is a comprehensive assessment of the level of system security, taking into account 3 factors: personnel, processes, technologies.

It is designed to check information resources for security, identify potential leaks, investigate incidents and / or develop a security policy.

Security audit is carried out by qualified experts, whose knowledge is confirmed by international certificates. They have experience and knowledge in the field of information security, as well as in organizational and practical work.

Our offers

You can choose one or more of the offered services

Comprehensive audit of the security system

System Security Analysis and Penetration Testing

Audit of the protection system for compliance with standards

Business application security audit


Investigation of information leakage incidents

Development of a security policy at the facility

Although a company may have an internal security system, conducting an external audit will determine the quality of its work or exclude sabotage by possible agents.

Test Methods

Since more and more information containing personal and confidential data is being digitized, attackers are looking for ways to get it using computer technology. Our task is to find potential sources of leaks using preventive measures, technical means and analytical methods. They may include:

Open source intelligence
  • Media: newspapers, magazines, online publications, TV.
  • Internet: social networks, communities, forums, blogs, directories, review sites.
  • Public reports, materials of press conferences, articles-reports.
Technical/computer verification
  • Evaluation of equipment and components included in the security system.
  • Analysis of the quality of technical lines.
  • Checking the computer network and software.
  • Assessment of internal regulations and compliance with safety rules by employees of the enterprise.
Identification of the impact of information technology
  • Remote network attacks.
  • Computer viruses.
  • Software bookmarks.
  • Hardware bookmarks.

Stages of conducting a security audit


  • Coordination of goals, limitations of types of testing.
  • Analysis of information security of the company.
  • Analysis of the risks of potential threats at the facility.
  • Assessment of equipment for compliance with technical standards.
  • Survey of employees of the enterprise.
  • Report on the activities carried out.

Additional items can be added to the list, depending on the goals and objectives of your business. But the assessment of the current state of the facilities and the formation of technical proposals will definitely be carried out.

What does the company get as a result


Description of audit objectives and their achievement

Compliance with security standards

Assessment of the level of system security


Recommendations for eliminating system deficiencies

We also consider the possibility of developing additional services, depending on the tasks set by the client.

Cost and terms

The cost of our services depends on many factors: the type of business, technical means, the number of employees of the enterprise and much more.

For a preliminary assessment, please contact our manager by filling out the application below, who during a short interview will ask additional questions and orient you on the price and time of execution.

In any case, the cost of our services will pay off in the near future.

For reference: in 2020 alone, the damage from hacker attacks in the world exceeded a trillion dollars, and this figure is growing every year.

Do you want to save your business and make sure it is secure?

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