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Our Methods

Each company may encounter complex customers who leave reviews on social networks, Google Maps, and various sites. As a result, the company’s rating falls. How do we deal with this? We first gather the sources of negativity to work with them effectively.

To do this, we use the most modern methods and technologies, such as:

  • OSINT — collecting information about the company using artificial intelligence with machine learning.
  • Various SMM services respond to every mention of the company on the network.

As a result, we align your feedback, optimize your personal reputation, and remove negative information. More about our methods are below.

Alignment of feedback statistics

Alignment of feedback statistics or Reputation management is real work with commentators, negotiations with dissatisfied to restore the company’s reputation. How does it work?

We already have 10 years of experience resolving conflicts and eliminating negative feedback.

This allowed us to develop our schemes for solving the most common cases and algorithms for effectively responding to any feedback.

In addition, we have studied the logic of review readers and use structural analysis techniques to focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses.


Optimization of personal reputation

Internet reputation directly affects the income and success of companies. A negative reputation provokes distrust of potential customers, loss of investors, and income. Why is it a bad decision to fill a search result with laudatory articles?

People tend to look for negative in everything. And they will find it. Investors, in turn, will carefully check the entire history of the company. What to do in such cases?

We provide a full comprehensive restoration of reputation using counter content, legal cleansing of information, and removing negativity. In addition, we will teach you technologies that will help you deal with the impact of negative reviews, ratings, articles, images, videos, and sites.

Deletion of information

Removing any information from the Internet on your own is a costly and often time-consuming process that requires lawyers and fuss in court. The negative on the Internet may have been widespread for a long time and is no longer relevant. But at the same time, it still causes distrust among potential customers, business partners, and investors. What to do?
We offer an alternative solution — comprehensive, safe, legal. We will clean up your reputation without breaking the law, ensuring complete confidentiality.
Our services are your peace of mind and reputation. We, the Secure Crowds team, will help you remove all negative stains from your reputation within the specified time without any problems.

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