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DDoS/DoS Attacks Testing

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What are DDoS/DoS attacks

DoS attacks are cyberattacks that interrupt the operation of a host in order to make a site or network resource inaccessible to users.

A disruption can be either temporary or permanent. In addition to increasing the load on the server, hackers often conduct reconnaissance during attacks to find weaknesses in the system.

DDoS attacks are a type of DoS attacks that involve multiple compromised systems that are infected with viruses. Their actions are aimed at increasing the load on the host in order to cause a “denial of service”.

What attacks affect

Search engine ranking

Site downtime

Funds to pay for useless traffic

Productivity of the IT structure

Business profit

Why do hackers carry out DDoS/DoS attacks

  • Harm to business competitors.
  • Distracting activities to prepare for hacking.
  • Revenge, political motives.
  • Interest, curiosity.

Attacks can be carried out both on the order and on the personal initiative of attackers for the purpose of education or enjoyment.

What is DDoS testing

DDoS/DoS attacks are one of the most common types of hacker attacks on company web resources. They lead to a loss of customer confidence and, as a result, losses for the business. Fortunately, the system can be made resistant to these attacks. And the only way to test your protection is to perform secure and controlled DDoS/DoS testing within certain agreed-upon scenarios.

Tests will let you know how secure your resources are so that you can create additional security measures if necessary.

How is a DDoS/DoS attacks test performed?

Signing a non-disclosure agreement

Step 1

Agreeing the conditions and restrictions on the test

Step 2

Traffic generation based on real browsers and devices

Step 3

Using different geolocations

Step 4

Traffic Throttling: Duration and Server Load

Step 5

Preparing a report on identified vulnerabilities

Step 6

Any business needs to protect itself from cyberattacks, because if the company becomes a target for intruders, irreparable harm can be done to the IT environment, and business development can be suspended for a long time.

What is our report for

Identify infrastructure issues

Identifying weak points for cyberattacks

Development of preventive measures against DDoS/DoS attacks


Planning to repel possible real attacks

Ensuring the safety of assets and increasing their resilience

And most importantly, you will receive actionable recommendations from practitioners who will work specifically for your business.

Recommendations may include:

  • Isolation of parts of the system.
  • Use of cloud storage.
  • List of protection tools.
  • System Upgrade Plan and more.

Cost and terms

The cost of our services depends on the type of your business, the volume of tasks and many other factors.

For example, you can order both a regular load test and a stress test.

We recommend that you first consult with our specialist to get detailed information and answers to your questions.

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